Artificial Flowers

Over 1,000 different kinds of artificial flowers, manufactured using the best synthetic materials available.

Dahlias, hydrangea, tulips, roses, magnolias, pionias, etc.

Artificial Plants

So similar to natural plants that you will probably mix up and water them anyway.

Olive trees, bamboos, bonsais, fruit trees, cypress, tropical, cactus, etc.

Vases and Planters

Coffee tastes better with milk, and our artificial flowers and plants look better with our bases and planters.

Natural, terracotta, steel, glass, resin, fiber, etc.

Christmas Decor

All kinds of Christmas decorations to feature on your commercial space, home or mall.

Christmas trees, wreaths, decorations, ornaments, table centerpieces, etc.


We have a team of designers with a vast experience in producing floral arrangements and decorations in hotels, condominiums, malls, window displays, and more.

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Ms. Sharon Cuneta was one of our first customers! We're happy to be in her company.

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